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Creating A partnership of a lifetime.

Our passion is training horses and riders to their full potential. Something special is created when two different species can completely understand one another and we work hard to make that evident in each partnership.  


While our primary focus is dressage, we do a little bit of everything and tailor our program to our clients’ goals. From coaching dedicated youth riders to developing confident young horses that are ready to perform to helping riders overcome fears and find their joy again to training to the upper levels of the sport. We are here to help you realize your dreams. 


"Lorin is one of the best trainers I've had the pleasure of knowing. I have 2 Lorin-trained horses currently.  They are safe, sane, and all around great horses.  Thanks to the foundation that Lorin put on them, I have the same horse every time I ride! I have recommended him to friends who needed training and he did just as good of job on their horses. I highly recommend him, his training methods are gentle and fair, the horses seem to love him!"

Juanita Y.

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